So my psychiatrist has me on 150 bupropion and 200 sertaline at the moment. I was also on propanerol.. between 10mg and 80mg. I've cut it out completely due to some bad reactions. But I still feel high. When I close my eyes I feel like I'm having a with drawl or something. Not allll day but everyday. I get goosebumps and I can't stop yawning like I'm going to pass out. My eyes get droopy. I'm a waitress and I'm running around. Yet I still get like this. But anyways my biggest issue is last night I must have double dosed with advil extra strength liquid gels. I thought maybe I took too much sertaline but I know I didn't. I took 1600mg of advil (by accsident) and I started reading organizing my kitchen and then passed out. But I slept in past my alarms and my work called me. Do I went to get up and get ready and I was so dizzy and high and confused on what day it even was or what I was doing. So I went back to sleep woke up feeling abit better but so anxious and jittery and angry. And crying. Feeling like I was coming down or something, even suicidal. Now I'm better then before, but I still feel weird and my hands or legs or body will twitch sometimes. What should I do? I'm also scared to stop taking my pills cause I don't want a withdrawal on top of whatever this is.