Over a year ago I tecieved a Staf infection, which turned Septic, after a botched VA kidney operation
I almost died and was in the ICU for over 2 weeks, and the hospital for another 4
I was treated with a main line treating me with huge amounts of meds, then later with a pic line at the hospital, then another 4 weeks at home.
It took me another couple of months to start feeling well again where I got my energy back.
My question is a few months after the issue I noticed a huge issue with my teeth starting to decay??
I always have taken good care, and never had any issues with them in the past.
It seemed like they all started going bad within a few months of each other where they simply started coming apart !
So far I have had 2 extractions, and they all seemed to be attacked by being brIttal
and simply coming apart, all within a year after the disease!
Has there been any cases where Septic patients having similar issues, can the disease attack your teeth ???
Thanks !!!