I spoke to my doctor about my back pain. I have another MRI this week, and they are considering surgery. This has been going on for 10 months. I have a high tolerance to pain and pain meds. But, I have a sensitivity to Tylenol, it makes me feel like I have the flu.

Currently, I have Oxycodone 5mg, with 325mg of Tylenol. I cut them in half. I dont take them every day, since I am not working. I try to just ice the daylights out of my back and stay off of it. But, I do take it about three to five times a week, if I am going to be on my feet, stand, or sit for any length of time. (Like going to a movie or grocery shopping)

I spoke to my MD about my sensitivity to the Tylenol, which keeps me from taking the full dosage of the Oxycodone. He prescribed Tramadol, but I learned it has a major warning about interaction with Serzone, which I also take.

So, my doctor is at a loss. He is open to researching and the like, but he asked me what I think would work.

I ruled out Oxycotin, as it is for continued use and not as needed. I am really open to suggestions. I want to go grocery shopping, but after 45 minutes of walking and standing, my pain level is so high I cannot function and retreat to lay down in the car for an hour.

I do not have an addictive personality, and after 10 months, I do not have a dependence on the Oxycodone. (I still have 1/2 of my original prescription) I also do not need anything that makes the pain go away completely. I just need it to be somewhat managable, like from an 8 and 9 to a 3 maybe?