I've been on Suboxone for several years now. Up until about two or three months ago, I was on 24mg/day.

However, I've been able to get myself down to 2mg (and sometimes 3-4mg if I feel really sick).

Here's the issue: due to legal issues, I am being mandated to long-term treatment (3 months+ of inpatient/residential rehab). The facility does not allow clients to take Suboxone, or any controlled substance for that matter. I am scheduled to go in approximately 14 days (two weeks) and I'm being forced to stop taking Suboxone.

I was wondering if anyone could assist me in making a daily taper chart to make withdrawals as easy as possible over a two-week span. Like I said previously, I'm currently down to approximately 2-3mg a day. I know it's going to suck big-time regardless, but I was hoping someone could help me plan out my dosages for the next two weeks, so when I do go into the rehab center I don't feel like I'm dying. I know a perfectly clean withdrawal is unrealistic but I'd like to minimize the suffering as much as possible.

PLEASE help if you have any ideas that even *might* help the slightest bit.

All advice/assistance is greatly appreciated. Thank you.