... have epilepsy. I am 55 years old and had a grand mal seizure in july of last year. I have lesions on the brain thatn have heales and now I have lines on the brain. I also had a brain biopsy in july of last year and no organisms were found. I was very happy about the results of that. My doc put me on dilantin at frist and the levels were going up and down I had another in Nov. of last year. My doc added keppra I was told that the keppra would help make the dilantin work better. In order to keep me dilantan levels at 16 I had to take 5 a day at 100 mg. which gave me a lot of bad side effects. My keppra level is alway at a 13 level. Then in feb. of this year my doc put me on trileptal with keppra and my levels keep going up and down the levels are 6.0 and then a 9.o to a 2.0 I started out taking 1an the 2 at pm now I am taking 2am and 3pm along with keppra 500mg am and 500mg at pm I am taking both meds at the same time. I stil feel like I am going to have a seisure at least once a day and sometimes twice a day. The feeling of a seizure I know to well. I have come very to having them. I also am making sure that I take all meds on time and never skip a dose. CAN SOMEONE GIVE ME SOME ADVISE OUT THERE