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What all causes seizures? I'm not epileptic, had 1 a month ago still dnt know cause?

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Inactive 13 Apr 2012

Hello mrsconner0810. Some of the reasons people that are not epileptic have a seizure might be because of a past or present head injury, drugs (medications) they are taking, possibility of a illness or disease. I hope that you are seizure free and will continue to be so. Regards, pledge

mrsconner0810 13 Apr 2012

They said it was due to lack of sleep or stress. I dont do drugs or have i ever had a brain injury. Lol. Im ADHD and take medication for it but they have already ruled that out.

Inactive 13 Apr 2012

I understand and yes, stress certainly has been known can bring on a seizure. Thanks for the update.

word2sondra 13 Apr 2012

Hi there, I certainly agree with pledge & also what they told you about stress & sleep... it's all true!! I have a seizure disorder & just have one thing to add... mine would seem to occur everytime a moment of extreme anger or extreme panic was added to my stressful, overtired body and/or mind! I have ADHD too & I have had a concussion OT two in my day. My seizures today are under control with meds. Hope this helps you recognize the circumstances that may surround any future seizure so that you can avoid them if at all possible! (-:

Roxy Poxy 14 Apr 2012

As Pledge mentioned there are numerous causes for seizures - sometimes the cause is not found. In addition to what Pledge told you, high fevers - especially in children- over medication, flashing lights like strobe lights,or as in the case of some adults, mixing alcohol or taking ilegal drugs can also cause a seizure. One is usually not diagonised as an epileptic unless seizures continue beyond one or two isolated events. May you never have another one. Epiplepsy is a tough road for the individual and family.

humancouncil 1 Mar 2014

hya, yes I was diagnosed with NON EPILEPTIC ATTACK DISORDER, If the seizures persist inquire about PREGABALIN to your Gp. They do help me but I avnt a clue how these seizures happen.I did attend a clinic for N.E.A.D neuro dept but no ones explained to me why and how these happen.hope uve improved and feel free 2 ask me Q&A .

humancouncil 19 Mar 2014

Anyone out there bin diagnosed with N.E,A,D., and my insomnia don't help.Sick of taking prescribed uppers and downers and just feel like my GP and psychy don't know what to give me anymore.I have to juggle about my meds according to how I am feeling,pregabalin,sertraline,zopiclone (crap),quetiapine,gud 4 sleep but not to be taken with pregabalin,propranolol,oxybutin 4 bladder,omeprazole heartburn,can vomit blood when run out,codiene and ferrous sulphate,iron. been flat since November, sertraline antidepressant just don't do anything.tried them all.just need to sleep but don't no which tabs u can take with what x help free discount card

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