I am a 20 y/o female who has been on prozac for anxiety for about 3 months.

My dose was upped from 40mg to 60mg. 3 weeks after the dose increase I had a grand mal seizure out of nowhere and was rushed to the hospital. The doctors ran tests and couldn’t find anything wrong. They said it might be the meds, so I’m tapering off of them now.

Has anyone else experienced having a seizure on prozac? I don’t have epilepsy. I have had 3 seizures in the past but they were all due to drug overdoses (please don’t judge, I’m 7 months sober now).

I’m pretty healthy otherwise. I don’t smoke, I eat normally, my caffeine intake is less than the average person, and I’m active. I’m not on any other meds. I sleep great. What the hell is wrong with me???