I would have anywhere from 4-35 a day for the first few days! And now am getting them when I ovulate ! They last anywhere from 30 seconds to 2 minutes and sometime come in clusters and roll into one another! I've been in hospital twice and gave up as the EEG was normal and they told me it was Likey non epileptic seizers, and to get counseling ! So I tried my hardest to handle it on my own, they did not go away ! I have had an MRI and came back abnormal and possible seizer activity on the left side of my brain , this was not even in my cycle when I am effected by them! I seem the head of neurology and he didn't even look twice over my report and simply said they do not look epeliptic ! I have two types some I go starry , And other a go tonic clonic and completely out if it and wake up very scared and can not put a sentence togeather and sleep afterwards! I then went to another doctor and explained everything and how I need answers as I am a mum I work and can't do things I usually would like driving or taking a simple shower! He looked at my MRI report and said he is getting other people to report on it as it does show abnormalties , and has put me on the pill to skip my periods and see if that helps! Has anyone ever gone through this ? I feel helpless as I don't even know my own body anymore? Thanks !