I am a 32 year old male that has had problems with chronic stomach aches since I was a teenager. This stomach pain can last for weeks to months when it does occur, and then one day I will wake up and I will feel great for weeks, months and it will return. I have always been a worrier in life, having some issues with depression, anxiety and OCD. When I was in my teens I pursued the issue with doctors and never came up with anything conclusive. I have had my stomach scoped twice, had scans done, been on anti-depressants, anti-axiety, antacids, and nothing has been conclusive to resolving my pain. I am currently on about a 6 week stretch of constant stomach pain. I go to bed with this pain, I wake up with this pain. What I eat or going to the bathroom doesn't seem to have any affect on this pain. I am not particularly worried or stressed about anything in my life right now that I can think would cause this pain. I would think if this pain was caused by stress or worry, that the pain would be gone when I first awake in the morning? I have no ambition to do anything when I get this nonstop stomach pain. I just want to feel better. Any suggestions would be appreciated.