I have had shoulder pain for the last 3 years. It started getting worse about 4 months ago and no one is able to tell me why. I have done MRI's of my head neck and shoulder without any results. Furthermore I have gone through a full neurological and orthopedic check up, again, not resulting in an answer. My main symptoms are pain when raising my arm horizontally up till 45° (more is very painful), which by the way is not from a shoulder impingement. When raising my arm like that I have a tingling sensation in my fingers. In addition I have extreme shoulder fatigue, meaning that after a while of using my arm it will feel tired and basically unusable (this can happen from simple things such as writing, brushing my teeth... ). Neck stiffness and I have jaw problems( with this I mean that it pops and from time to time gets stuck over periods of hours or even weeks) which might be completely unrelated but I am mentioning it anyways?