I experience extreme chronic pain and migraines since a bout with meningitis. I lost my job as a math teacher and we have drained our savings trying to live off just one income. I've been denied so many times and my med lists make grown men cry. Hopefully, we will get approval after a hearing next month in front of an ALJ. It will be my second hearing after a trip to Appeals Council. I've heard the term back-pay, but have read conflicting accounts of if it's' paid, when it's paid (is it one payment), if it's taxed, and are benefits that would be paid for children also included in back-pay?

The SS report I received for the last year I worked (2008) says that "if I became disabled right now, my payment would be about $1170." I got sick in December 2008, and made my application in September 2008. I have a great attorney who rarely loses. He chooses his clients for that very reason. I just happened to be the one client to skew his statistics. Luckily, it just made him mad and he dug his heels in for the Appeals Council portion.

I would appreciate anything you have to offer.