Is anyone taking Fluoxetine and Saphris together for Anxiety, depression or bipolar? I was on 30mg of Fluoxetine and started on 5mg of Saphris (Asenapine) and my mood elevated dramatically... It scared me a bit so I lowered my dosage of Fluoxetine to 20mg and felt mush better... although my anxiety attacks were horrendous so my P.Doc has put me up to 15mg of Saphris at night and 20mg of Fluoxetine (Prozac/Lovan) in the morning... My anxiety has improved heaps, better than ever... But I've recently split with my girlfriend and am really really depressed... This morning I increased my dosage of Lovan from 20mg to 30mg in the hope that my mood will improve... When I first started taking Saphris, I thought it was a miracle drug (Which it has been for my anxiety) But I've found that my nood has flattened out dramatically... Is anyone having success with taking these 2 meds for anxiety and or bipolar/depression... I'd like to know what dosage people are taking to keep their depression under control whilst helping their anxiety and bipolar... Thanks in advance :-)