I have temporal lobe epilepsy , so I take Tegretol 400mg CR in the morning and at night. I am also prescribed 5mg Valpam (diazepam). For an abort to a seizure and also for anxiety I often get. I've started to see a new GP as I felt my current Dr was having little knowledge of TLE. My new doctor has prescribed me Xanax, it's a small script with no repeats , he says it will help a lot more with my anxiety . To explain that , I have recently been attacked (king hit) and robbed. So my anxiety of going out and about has increased a lot. I was wondering what the interaction with these meds are. The Valpam I take , would maybe be , once or twice a week , but has now increased since my attack to maybe every second day. Not so much to abort a seizure , but for anxiety of being out. I've notice this website lists a range of interactions with Xanax and Tegretol , though my GP says that's nothing to be worried about. Pretty much seeking advice from anyone out there with knowledge or personal experience with these 2 . Before my diagnosis with TLE , I'd never even take Panadol or cold and flu tablets as I don't like doing that to my body. Now I've not much option unless I want to experience anxiety and attacks.
Thank you if anyone responds... and here's hoping this also doesn't get removed .