I went to a local hospital for an asthma attack. I was advised that I should elect for intubation due to a low arterial blood gas.(which after reviewing my medical reports after discharge I learned it was normal pre-intubation) I was administered 200mg Diprivan,Nimbex and Zemuron. After the administration of those 3 CNS depressants, I awoken 8 days later in ICU from a coma. My eyes were severely dilated,my right eye was rolled back in my head,I couldn't talk or move my body,my face my swollen and I had a rash on my face and back. I was disoriented,confused,hallucinated,etc. The doctors ignored my eye issue,lied to my family and violated my HIPPA rights. After 17 days hospitalized,I saw a neuro-opthamologist whom reviewed my medical records and informed me that I had an anoxic brain injury,which occurred after the administration of the medications,during the intubation process; secondary issues,resulted in a right occipital lobe infarct(stroke) which led to optical atrophy,PION,APD, diplopia and permanent loss of vision in one eye. Aside from my severe eye issue,I immediately began to experience severe pain issues. I'd awaken to my ankles in severe pain,in which, I couldn't stand,my legs hurt so much I could barely walk,my head felt pain which is inexplicable (it pulsates,throbs, shoots pain,pressure pain, a tightening pain that makes me feel like my head is going to just explode) my neck suffers w/pain,as well as severe burning,numbness and tingling. My lower back always hurts and feels stiff and painful. Often my entire body has aches,pains, weakness,and it falls asleep easily (affected my circulation) and my CNS causes me to become very hot and sweaty or very cold. Aside from all of these drastic life-changing health issues,I've continued to inquire about which medications would be the correct ones to alleviate my symptoms. I'm currently taking Percocet 10/325 (1-2 every 6hrs) and Lidoderm patches for my neck and back. Through visits to my new PCP and through online research,I've learned that when my brain suffered a total lack of oxygen(anoxia) it damaged the pain nerve receptors in my brain,which intensifies my pain) I'm still desperate for advice to find a pain medication that would be longer-lasting and help prevent break-through pain. Someday's I manage but often I suffer in pain,in between doses of the Percocet. If anyone had knowledge of this or can recommend a pain medication,in which,I could take less frequently and that's maybe more effective for treating sever pain..please help me. It's been a year and a half now and my symptoms haven't lessened,I'm desperate to resume feeling good,everyday to most possible degree. There's a lot more that I experienced in the hospital,but it'd take too long to explain. To sum it up,I was overdosed with the anesthesia, suffered a total lack of oxygen to my brain,died,had a surgeon called in to place a left subclavian catheter so the meds would go directly to my heart,this caused the stroke,etc. Aside from the medical malpractice, I'm beyond desperate for advice on a pain medication,which may be more specific to my health issues/damage to nerve receptors, and as I mentioned a medication that doesn't require taking up to 8 pills a day. I want a medication for severe pain that absorbs quickly and last longer. Thank you so much, I'm desperate for an answer.