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When should I see results from plaqunil?

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bkjr61 26 Oct 2014

Each person is different but in general you should see results within 6 months. Autoimmune disease acts different in different people and there is of course many symptoms we share. My daughter was diagnosed w/lupus at age 11,she is now 29. I started symptoms in early 2000's, age46 diagnosedw/fibromyalgia.
By 2011 I was initially diagnosed w/lupus and sent to Rhuematologist.I had a positive ANA,symptoms of more than one but not enough to diagnose one in particular. Along the way things slowly evolved. I have seen a neurologist for abnormal nerve conduction-carpal tunnel syndrome. I saw a cardiologist for palpitations/shortness of breath/pressure feeling in chest-went through all the tests including a complete heart cath=left bundle branch block,mild pulmonary hypertension.Went to a pulmunary Dr.-did pulmonary function tests,have sleep apnea and now use a CPAP machine. My latest dermatologist-diagnoses Lichen Simplex Chronicus/neurodermatitis-intense itching on my arms=more meds. It cleared up but is back again-we are under tremendous stress. Unrelated I just had my 2nd surgery on my ankle to remove a couple of screws that were irritating the tissue and causing PAIN. My labs have shown markers for scleroderma so even tho I am taking methotrexate the connective tissue disease continues to evolve. It is not known the cause of these diseases,so no cure just treating symptoms. Back to your ? U should see some results within a few months-again each person is individual. I personally along w/my daughter have ALOT going on and have been on plaquenil for many years. It is important to have a plaquenil screening every 6 months with your eye doctor because it can affect your eyes. Go at this with the most positive attitude you can-how we think and feel can and does affect us physically and how well we do.
All the best to you! you are not alone.

Kimberlyjae75 26 Oct 2014

Thank you. I am 11 yrs in and finally recieved a definitive diagnosis of FIBRO (that was the only diagnosis for 11 yrs everything was blamed on it) I was given a Sjögren's, umctd, hypermobile joint syndrome and low vitamin d. It's so much to take in and the week of plaqunil and gabapentin seem to have me feeling worse. I was warned it could be that way and to stick with it but wanted a patients perspective. Thank you for responding.

Shelia57 18 Feb 2018

It takes three to six months to get into your system good. free discount card

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