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Who do I see for possible (most likely) TMJ? Dr and dentist won't do anything?

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MacIntosh12 14 Nov 2013

Hi lennongurl,
Try an orthodontist, that may be your best bet for treatment. Your dentist is remiss in this situation! She/he should have fitted you with a bite-guard. Naughty dentist indeed! TMJ can cause an array of problems from headaches to tinnitus and earaches, as I'm sure you know.
Try taking an NSAID for the pain, and also try to consciously relax that jaw and become a drooler during sleep, I actually succeeded in becoming an unattractive, pool-making drooler by truly relaxing my jaw while in bed. I found that better than the hockey puck (that's what I call a mouth-guard!) and be very aware of clenching while awake, too.
Hoping you get some help!
P.S. Some doctors will prescribe a benzo for a few weeks, or better yet, a muscle relaxer, like Flexeril to break the habit of clenching your jaws or grinding (bruxism) your teeth. Hope you are prescribed a muscle relaxer!

Jason Berger 25 Feb 2014

depending where you live, I first went to a specialist for TMJ!!! bad idea don't do it, just a expensive mouth guard. that does nothing! then I went to my family doctor who put me on meds ( imitrex) for my mind grains! also diazepam for night time discomfort and the lock jaw. needless to say I am sitting here after countless doc appointments and MRI's to prove there is a neurological problem do to TMJ. I am on my seventh day of recovery from my upper jaw surgery and I would have to say the family doctor and orthodontist and facial surgeon (which where brothers so that helped out a lot) were the ones that proved to the medical insurance company to cover it, that's what u want don't stress about the TMJ to the docs tell them about the side affects; lock jaw, grinding, mind grains, eating difficulty, missing work due to related problems etc. play them like the insurance plays USE!!!

Andelo28 6 Dec 2018

Jason, my son is suffering for two years, night guard no help he needs surgery can you please tell me what doctor you used and where you had it done.

Annrober 5 Nov 2018

I am trying to find out the doctors that Jason Berger used for his TMJ?? I am suffering from TMD and cannot find any doctor to even order an MRI. I have non stop pain in the jaw, with facial pain that sometimes burns at the scalp and face. It moves to either side of the face sometimes both sides. Plus I have large veins at my temple that flare up with the really bad flare ups. I am on my second neural dentist specializing on TMD, with the mouth guards, one on the top teeth and now the lower teeth. I have tried botox, SPG block, trigger point injections. None of it helping. free discount card

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