I have had four fainting spells in the past two years. With the most recent one I hit my head against a door when I fell down backwards. I don’t remember what happened my friends says it looked like I was going to sit down and then I blacked out and hit my head. A week after that I began to get migraines in the mornings but they would go away. For a week I didn’t have any migraines. The. They came back even worse. Throughout all of this I’ve been getting bloody noses every day. I went to urgent care a week after my migraines were off and on with severe pain accompanied by blurry vision, loss of focus, nausea, fatigue, mood swings., and restlessness at night. They decide to time me an atropine shot and some muscle relaxers. The shot helped a little but the muscle relaxers made my headaches even worse. Although the muscle relaxers helped me sleep at night. A week went by and I ran out and tried acupuncture. Which made me light headed and nauseous after. The next day no pain but the day after it came back and was even worse than before so I went and got a massage which helped with my neck pain, but I’m always at a desk working. This is when I started getting more migraines with auroras(strange lights in my vision). The therapist said the back of my head didn’t feel right. I had never noticed this but after I felt and I have a sizable lump on the back of my head a little left of where my spinal cord meets my brain stem. The lump is hard and unmovable. If I give it any pressure it makes me feel nauseous, with headaches and disorientation. Ive tried adjusting my sleep schedule, drinking more water, cutting out different foods. I also have had a concussion 4 years ago. This feeling isn’t the same as it was back then. I went back to urgent care and they gave me the shot again and told me to see a neurologist, but I can’t get into one. What is happening and who can I see to help? I can’t do work when I get migraines everyday that last more than 24hrs sometimes.