Someone said that may be a wise decision since it is the heart and vascular system. I am so scared! My blood pressure is out of control and my primary doctor seems to be unable to find the right medication. It will be perfect in the morning for a few hours and by mid morning or early afternoon it's sky high and I have to take a Clonidine to lower it quickly. In fact that used to be my primary, but it stopped working when taking it three times a day. Let's not talk about the hair loss! Now I'm on Divovan 160 mg, Procardia(sp) 90 mg with the clonidine in between. That's three meds! I've been on an Ace Inhibitor, which I had an allergic reaction a few years back, so that's one class of meds I'm barred from. Next was a beta blocker and it kept me dizzy, but there are others in that class that might work. Hydrochlorothiazide elevates my blood sugar and I'm taking great pains not to become a diabetic since it runs in the family. So there goes another class down the drain. I'm running out of options. I'm not overweight, and I watch my salt intake. I should be exercising. For the last few days, my heart has been racing when my pressure became elevated, even while lying down. Now, even after the clonidine and I get a normal reading, I feel panic because I fear I'll have a stroke from this rollercoaster ride. I'm running in the red all the time, medically and emotionally. I feel so helpless.