I am trying to find out some information on intubation and this was the closet board that I could find. Recently I had a friend who had to be intubated as a result of an inhalation injury. The entire time he was unconscious and has no recollection of being on a ventilator. This actually made him very mad because he did not like that fact that he cannot remember anything that took place and several days of his life are missing. I understand that there is a reason that intuabated patients are usually sedated, but to me, this sounds like a nightmare. I would never want to be put under to the point that I could not remember anything and I would not appreciate having that done to me. So the question is, can you refuse any sedation when being intubated? I am not just referring to being put to sleep, but also where you remain awake, but drugged to the point that you have no memory. I have heard that sedation is almost always done in these situations, but do you have a choice? I know I have seen people that were awake and fully aware while on a ventilator, but I do not know why it was done like that. I have also read about awake intubation, yet every time I read about it, it still talks about sedation, so I don't even think I understand what types of sedation there are. Any insight is appreciated.