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How sedating is Atarax?

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alholland712 7 Sep 2017

I have a mass cell disorder which means I can be allergic to anything or nothing. I take Benadryl 50 mg every night. Every 6 weeks I take Atarax for 2 weeks so I don't build up a tolerance to the Benadryl. I have found the Benadryl much more sedating than Atarax. I don't have any side effects from it even though I am sure there are side effects. I find Atarax much more helpful than the Benadryl. I guess it depends on how Benadryl affects you. I find Atarax about 1/2 as sedating as Benadryl. Sorry I rambled I hope this is helpful.

chuck1957 9 Sep 2017

Kate; These 2 drugs are in the same class some people have just the opposite effect from them there really is no scale to tell which is stronger because we all react differently to different medication but it is a very good idea to switch like you are so you don't build up to either one with luck. and No you do not ramble I would much rather have too much information than not enough. But as long as they are working for you keep it for now. Just don't increase either one unless you talk to the doctor first. As long as they are giving you the relief and you are getting the sleep. That is one big bonus but if you think you need something different give your doctor a call. Maybe starting now you should keep a record of each one to show to the doctor how each is really working for you. I wish you luck and please feel free to write back and let me or us know how you're doing. And if you need to ask anything else that is what we are here for. best of luck.

chuck1957 9 Sep 2017

Kate, One thing the Atarax does seem to work better for most things like anxiety, nervousness, and sleep but like I said it is better to take a break from time to time like your doctor is doing. But if they do seem to be lighting up on you make sure you get in to see the doctor. Try not to worry there are a lot of other medications that will be able to help you. have a great weekend. free discount card

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