I was on Yasmin a few years ago and got off it more than a year ago. It worked really well for my body, i.e. no side effects at all and normal period with lighter ones following. I got off it because I no longer felt I needed it. I'm now in a serious relationship and wanted to get on the pill again for him. I took Yasmin again using the 1st day start, but am still bleeding 11 days in - not too heavy but enough for me to have to change my pad once a day.

I'm not sure why my body would react differently if I've been on Yasmin before? The bleeding isn't accompanied with pains of any kind and really is just annoying. But I'm really not looking to bleed for months on end as the point was to be able to be with my boyfriend (which I am going to be physically apart from in about two months).

Any input would be appreciated. Thanks.