I woke up at 1:20 this morning shaking, heart racing, sweating and in the middle of a panic attack . I took .5 Klonopin and in about 40 minutes felt somewhat better and wasn't shaking or sweating. 2 hours later I had the same symptoms plus indigestion and small amount of stomach pain. I am unable to have hot coffee because that sets off my attacks and include bad stomach problems. Earlier in the day I ate a snack mix that contained dark chocolate which has caffeine and chocolate covered coffee beans. I tried to avoid the coffee beans but accidentally ate two plus dark chocolate throughout the day. Does anyone know if the caffeine may have counter acted the Klonopin. I'm concerned this may be something more than a panic attack. Possibly heart related but have never had heart problems in the past. I'm just not sure why the Klonopin didn't work. It has been 2 months since I last took .5 Klonopin only one time before tonight.