I got my implanon take out in February this year and got on Sprintec. The sprintec made me gain 18 pounds in a month so I got changed to tri-sprintec the next month. Since than I start my period the evening of the last blue pill or the day I would take first white when I wake. This month my breast seemed to get full and tender like a week before they have been when I get ready to start. I have a fiance and we have two kids. I take the pill daily but since the second month I silence my alarm for it with intent to take it within minutes but sometimes don't for up to 4-5 hours. Which isn't all the time but more frequent than I would like. I've only missed a day I think twice but take two the next day. We don't get the chance to be intimate often at all but we have once our MAYBE twice in the past month and a half. Also, my aunt for pregnant with all her kids on the pill. I am a 24 year old female that doesn't smoke anymore! There's been two occasions I've committed in the past month but I don't think that's anything even though it was out of the blue but no feeling of nausea between those occasions or to this point.