My doctor isn't readily available and I've had a lot of trouble getting in touch with him the last 2 days. So I want to ease my mind by asking the boards I've been referring to for most of my searches. I was on heroin on and off for 5 years, IV for a year using up to a gram a day. I definitely cut back a couple days before I started the subs, just doing barely enough to feel well. The issue I'm having is its my second day on 16 mg of suboxone and I still don't feel better. I've read that your pupils dialate when on it, and my pupils have been pretty big the last couple days. I want advice, I'm thinkinh 2 things, either I'm not on enough, being I was on heroin so long, or I still have other drugs in my system. Any help or advice would be much appreciated. Thanks -pro