I'm day two into Suboxone treatment in an attempt to kick a moderate Hydrocodone habit. I'm working with an addiction specialist in whom I have a tremendous amount of faith. I debated heavily on whether and when to start Suboxone, and decided it was time when I couldn't sleep and was in the throes of sweats, chills and aching joints. In all honesty though, I never rated myself higher than an 11 on the COWS spreadsheet.

After reading numerous accounts of Suboxone induction on this site and others, I decided to start with 1mg instead of 2mg as prescribed by my doctor. 1mg was sufficient to reduce my physical discomfort to zero for about 10 hours until my withdrawal symptoms returned. At that point, I took another 1mg and 0.5mg an hour later. This 2.5mg proved more than enough for my first 24 hours and beyond.

I'm in contact with my doctor. He's suggesting a full 2mg to start each day, and another full 2mg every 3-4 hours if physical symptoms return, with a target of 6-8mg per day. Despite my respect for and faith in my doctor, this seems excessive to me considering my success which much less than that.

My question to the Suboxone community: am I going to end up worse off if I don't start on a higher daily dose? I want off of Suboxone as soon as possible, but I don't want to end up with my previous pill habit either. From what I've read from Robert_325 and others, the less I start on, the sooner and easier it will be to taper off. I guess what I really want to know is if I should I listen to my body or to my doctor?

Thanks in advance.