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Secobarbital - I have been on xanax for 14 years, recently to 8mg & stopped working.Seconal better?

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kaismama 6 Apr 2014

Seconal is a powerful barbituate sleeping pill. Its an old one and I haven't seen it used in years.

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DzooBaby 7 Apr 2014

Seconal is a sleeping pill. It is not for anxiety. Have you tried Klonopin? It is close in action to Xanax but it lasts longer (it has a longer half life) It might be a better option for you. Seconal isnt used much any more and it is highly addictive (but then so is Xanax) The problem with Xanax is that tolerance can build to it within days.

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fayfaith 18 Apr 2014

I took xanax for over 20 years,I called it my miracle drug. I sincerely believe it saved my life. I did not abuse the drug,that might be why I didn't have any problems with it. I had to stop taking it because of serious breathing problems. I had to stop quickly,I wasn't able to taper off. So that was difficult, it took between 2-3 weeks. My brain felt as though a thousand little nerves had been given an electric shock treatment. I am no longer able to take Benzos,I wish I could. If so,I'd still be taking xanax. But remember it's all different for each of Us. What works for One,might not work for another. Don't give up & don't worry to much. Less worry,less stress!! Klonopin/clonazepam also works well n does last longer,meaning also that you might not have to take as much. It does take longer to start working,it has to get into your system,kind of build-up a little. It is a good 2nd choice if wanting something similar to xanax. free discount card

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