Hey everyone, I just stumbled across this site and decided I'd share what I've been through with Seasonique.

I first took it at age 15 for suspected Endometriosis. When I was on it I got migraines and I started getting kidney stones. At the time I didn't suspect much of it being due to the medicine.
Well 3 months ago I started taking it again for really horrible pelvic pains. Within the first week my kidney pain was back with a vengeance, it was horrible and I knew then it was from the Seasonique. Also my migraines are back. My sex drive is all but gone, my depression is back, I bled from week 6-now(week13), and sometimes I still have really bad pelvic pains.

For anyone looking into this pill I would strongly recommend looking into all your options first. I can't wait to get off this pill but my doctor won't allow that til my second pack is done.