I am going to my dr soon but want your expertise as well. I very much need help with my extreme pms, which I'm pretty sure is pmdd. I have read many articles about pmdd and it describes me to the t. I would like to keep taking my klonopin since I believe it does help lessen my anxiety levels, but am wondering if the birth control pill Seasonale can and/or will help with my pmdd, since you don't have periods with this med. I have been checking many, many drug interactions and haven't found a combination of drugs that will possibly help with the pmdd that are affordable for me, as I cannot afford newer drugs. Even with my insurance! My main question is, though: What do you think of Seasonale (not sure if the spelling is correct) for treating my pmdd? My pms is out of control and I have suffered many years with this and cannot do it any longer. I also have anxiety and depression in general as well, but I absolutely dread my extreme emotional roller coaster every few weeks and am really starting to lose hope. (I also am planning to see a psychotherapist and have made an appt.)