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Suboxone - has any one had wierd sleep problems ,at first slept any where ,couldn,t watch TV,,,now?

Posted 8 Nov 2011 2 answers

... a sudden , after about 8 mo,got real depressed ,anxios, and now can,t sleep , wake up scared ,any simular experiences, after all ...

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Down to .75 mg & 1 mg. Suboxone-Need meds to sleep?

Posted 10 Jun 2011 3 answers

I've done the slow taper of Suboxone as suggested, started at 12 mg Suboxone, now down to .75 mg & 1 mg. and I CAN'T ...

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Taking 16mgs of suboxone w/ lots of NRG drinks daily. Lighting storms in my head when I sleep. Why?

Posted 8 Sep 2011 1 answer

I have been taking 12-16 mgs of suboxone now prescribed to me daily for almost six months. While I am still an addict I replaced my opiate and ...

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Came off of suboxone, 10th day now, any tips of how to gain sleep or how to stop joint pain?

Posted 28 Aug 2011 1 answer

i have been taking ambian cr, and temazepam, but still cannot sleep at all. Am i ever going to sleep again? Please ...

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Sleep Disorders - my husband is taking trazondone hcl 100mg for pstd and sleep disorder and has been

Posted 10 Dec 2009 5 answers

... diagnosis with sleep apnea. is this medications safe for him being he has sleep apnea?

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Sleep Disorders - My 1st visit. Has anyone in the US been prescribed a barbiturate for sleep?

Posted 10 Feb 2016 2 answers

... deprivation ? For sleep deprivation. Have had multitudes of antidepressants, anxiolytics, and an antipsychotic. Do not have ...

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Hi evryone heres a story I would like feedback on if anyone has an opinion its about suboxone?

Posted 14 Nov 2010 12 answers

i am an insomniac, bipolar and also have been told im scitzophranic. regaurdless i am taking suboxone i have been for close to a year now i ...

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Suboxone DOES work! Please read further to learn about my experience... Like many others, I begin

Posted 31 Jul 2011 6 answers

... being RX'd pain medication for a back injury that caused significant pain. Before I knew it I was dependent on the medication to ...

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Hello, I hve been on Suboxone for about a year and a half taking about 2 eight mgs a day, I am on?

Posted 30 Jun 2011 2 answers

day four of absolutely zero sleep, can anyone tell me how long i will be before I will be able to relax enough to fall asleep again??? ...

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Ive been coming off suboxone for 2 days now how long is this withdrawl going to last?

Posted 24 Aug 2011 4 answers

I took 16 mgs everyday for the past 2 yrs and before I stoped I had myself down to 8 mgs and so far, Ive been sleepy but unable to ...

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