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Sleep Disorders - Best drugs to treat strong anxiety and OCD-like tendencies -?

... relentless compulsive thoughts. Quick overview: I have dealt with strong anxiety and obsessive thoughts about sleep... read more

Why can't I get up in the mornings while on Lexapro--feel drowsy and fall back into sleep?

I have been on Lexapro for just over a year and it has helped me tremendously with anxiety. In the beginning, I slep great and had lots... read more

Wellbutrin SR or XL? Which one is better over all? Thank you!?

I have been on bupropion SR 150 mg for 10 days, and ringing on the ears has not subsided, and my sleep is terrible, even taking Xanax... read more

I have been on Lexapro a while now. It is finally starting to work, but I am so tired that I can ba?

Rely function during the day. I feel like my eyes can't stay open and all I want to do is go to sleep. After that goes away, about... read more

I take ibuprofen, gabapentin and buspirone 2x a day. What can I take to sleep? Possibly unison?

The ibuprofen and gabapentin are for sciatica. The buspirone is for panic/anxiety. I can't sleep at all.... read more

Hi I started Zoloft 25mg like 8 days ago. the first 2 days I took it at night & couldnt sleep so i?

... started taking it in the morning. I was fine for a few days but now 2 days ago I started having major anxiety & panic... read more

Can seroquel cause headaches upon awakening and extreme anxiety morning?

Taking serequel for sleep waking up with headaches and extreme anxiety?_

Sleep Deprivation, should I go the ER?

It's Saturday. I have Depression and General Anxiety Disorder. I take Wellbutrin 200mg and Concerta 18mg in... read more

Wanting to stop Lexapro after 7 days?

Hello. I have always dealt with what I will call “manageable anxiety.” However, Recently I had two big life changing events... read more

Can I stop taking Lexapro? I’m on my third day of Lexapro 10 mg....

... and I felt very nauseous the whole time. The first two nights I took it at night but the nausea won’t let me sleep. Today I... read more

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