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Toothache. I have some hydrocodone from previous dental, its expired though, is it safe?

Posted 20 Nov 2013 1 answer

I cannot get into my dentist till tomorrow and I am in horrible pain. Ibuprofen is not helping , is it safe to take after expiration date? Will it... read more

PLEASE bad toothache (moler)?

Posted 15 Apr 2011 3 answers

Hi, Does anyone know what I can use in the time bing for a tooth ache. The thing is that the tooth is coming out of the gum moving out it is... read more

Metronidazole - Dental Infection - Cutting short the 5 day course?

Posted 13 Aug 2012 3 answers

Had bad toothache over the weekend, need root canal and been prescribed it today, for 5 days. Heard you cannot drink during or for 48 hours... read more

Can amoxicillin be used for dental infection?

Posted 25 Aug 2009 4 answers

Oral and Dental Conditions - My left jaw is swollen due to tooth abscess and I take amoxycillin?

Posted 2 Oct 2009 1 answer

... 500gms.orally, how many days the drug well effect?

Oral and Dental Conditions - Antibiotics for dental abscess?

Posted 11 Aug 2009 1 answer

Out of country and have abscessed tooth. What is best antibiotic and dosage until I can get to dentist?

I had my first prolia injection in Feb 2018. Now I have dental pain and tenderness in my teeth?

Posted 31 Mar 2018 1 answer

I contributed to routine and went to dentist. He could not find anything, thought maybe I was grinding my teeth at night. The pain was more near a 8... read more

How to relieve severe tooth pain from abscess until I can get a root canal?

Posted 31 Jan 2016 7 answers

I've had a very painful toothache going on two weeks now. I went to the dentist and he said I have an abscess on my bottom right molar.... read more

Tramodol HCL 50MG TAB with ibuprofen 200 MG?

Posted 10 Jun 2017 2 answers

Getting all teeth removed in a week but one has gotten bad. I am an Aspen Dental client called and he said take IBP but I don't know if... read more

Can diclofenac help with dental pain?

Posted 29 May 2016 2 answers

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