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What is the difference between Erelzi and Enbrel?

Posted 30 Nov 2016 1 answerFAQ by

Has anyone ever tried using a half-dose of enbrel?

Posted 2 Mar 2010 4 answers

not just going down to one 25m shot a week, but doing two half- 25m shots per week... I keep getting sick when i do a shot, but im afraid the... read more

Has anyone had shoulder pain/rotator cuff issues with rheumatoid arthritis while taking Enbrel?

Posted 23 Jun 2013 4 answers

I've been on Enbrel for the past 6 months (and MTX for the past 3 years) for moderate RA. I'm doing better, but in April, I started... read more

Rheumatoid Arthritis - Has anyone on Enbrel had hair loss? I had been on Arava for four months and?

Posted 24 Sep 2010 3 answers

... noticed I was lossing more hair than normal. Arava was great in helping my lower extremity pain, but not in my wrist. Told my doctor this and she... read more

Doc says I need to change RA from Enbrel to Humira. After 10 yrs Enbrel is not working. Help!?

Posted 30 Oct 2010 2 answers

I have been taking enbrel for 11 years. I worked great for me until the last year when it gradually stopped working. I did the self injection... read more

Which Rheumatoid Arthritis biological medication is best?

Posted 4 Sep 2010 3 answers

I have Rheumatoid Arthritis and am currently taking Methotrexate, Plaquenil and Arava and my pain is slightly better but not much. My... read more

How long is Enbrel effective? How many years?

Posted 27 Mar 2011 2 answers

I've been on it for about 9 years and it seems to have stopped working - pain, swelling, tiredness all back. It's been a great drug while... read more

Is non alcoholic beer safe to drink if taking Enbrel?

Posted 31 May 2010 1 answer

Non alcoholic beer contains 0.5 % alcohol. Regular beer contains 3-6 % and it is not recommended while on Enbrel. I an interested in knowing... read more

What is the best and easiest way to air travel with refrigerated injectable Enbrel into the USA?

Posted 17 Mar 2012 1 answer

This question is for long haul flights from Australia to the US. I need to bring 4 self-injectables (1 for each week I'm in the US/Canada) which... read more

Does enbrel work for ostioarthritus?

Posted 24 Jul 2014 1 answer

Have chronic pain when weather changes from what I believe to be osteoarthritis from prior injuries, which is just about all over my body, and 10/325... read more

Enbrel - What if it stops working?

Posted 19 Aug 2017 3 answers

I have been on Embrel for over 3 years but I'm starting to go backwards. Does this medication stop from working.

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