I've been struggling with BED for years (I'm 20, almost 21, now, and weight/body image has been a problem since about age 12). I'm not "overweight" by medical standards, but I feel absolutely AWFUL. In my mind, I would love to lose the weight I gained due to stress and BED, which was exacerbated by a stressful environment at college.

Anyway, I saw my psychiatrist for BED and for panic disorder and she put me on Lamictal 25mg to stabilize my mood. I expressed concern about BED and she didn't have much to say. My talk therapists, however, have brought up the names Vyvanse and Topamax to help control bingeing. Since I have been properly diagnosed with this disorder, among others, I'm wondering if there is a way to approach a second psychiatrist (unrelated to the first) and ask for Vyvanse or Topamax. I'm not looking for a script to lose weight - that I can do on my own when I get my bingeing and nearly uncontrollable cravings under control. Is it wrong to deliberately ask a psychiatrist for a script for this medication?