I am hurting in my mid bottoms, the sciatic nerve area. I'm having a hard time getting around it's such a nusisouse. I have took all my my meds earlier, I usually take my meds between 10 11 pm. I did take my shower I was able to get rid of this painful pain behind my left ear really hurt it was akward wearing my eye glasses in a strange a way

Taking a shower did loosen up the tightness in my lower back I have a hard time finging the right position. I've been doing light exercises it's real simple... just stretch your arms and do the same with your legs. I does help it takes the edge off it.

I feel real crappy since I threw my back I finally found out what I did. Does anybody have an suggestions?

I need to find something that keeps me occupied. I use distraction.
I better get off here or this keyboard to find a flying leap out the window... lol