... 7 yrs. he is overweight,300lbs and can not lose weight.dr says it
is from the med. he is doing fine other then being afraid to go out alone. is there any remedy for that? he is self sufficent,cares for himself very well, lives alone very well, drives a 1902truck with 8,000 mi he goes around the corner
for coffee. can go to market ,but, will, only if he has to alone. i live 45min
away and am always driving down to see him for drs app.is a lot of this just
behaverial? because he will go shopping if he actually has too alone. he has
a buddy who will come and go but, can't always of course. he is sick also but
keeps himself busy all the time. he also has sch.
my son is very sweet and appreciates anything i do for him.once in a while

he does hear voices and is not real paronoid anymore. i would love some feedback how to handle his fear