Schizophrenia - My son is on perphemazine real name Trilaphon for schizoaffective disorder with bi-polar depression only. Has anyone had any luck with this drug. He is, also on Cogentin, Lexipro, and Klonazapen (sp) for anxiety.
I read that it came only by injection. Is this true? He isn't getting injections. He takes his meds by mouth. I'm not sure they are telling us the truth about what he takes. He is with MHMR and uses a psychiatrist there. He is fixing to be discharged from a Psychiatric hospital on Wednesday, The hospital said that is what he was taking when he came in, but I'm not so sure. MHMR handles giving him his meds when he isn't in the hospital. He hears voices telling him to kill himself screaming at him to kill himself. He has had a history of drug abuse with Meth. He is off at this point. I need a friend to talk to me about his diagnosis. I need someone, whose son has, has also been diagnosed with schizoaffective disorder with depression