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I have schizophrenia.and I take lyogen I work but.i still shamed to till fren that I had?

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Inactive 13 Mar 2013

Hello dagman. Your question is/was cut short. Regards pledge

dagman 13 Mar 2013

hi pledge.i mean i had that sickness schizophrenia and my prob is who can i till to fren that i have that.even my family in philippines dont know that.diagnose it on 2007 now i feel better and had a work in ratations.

Inactive 13 Mar 2013

I understand. It is what it is. You have no reason to feel shame. Your family and friends are understanding and would hopefully accept your diagnosis. Best of health to you.

DzooBaby 13 Mar 2013

Dont be ashamed! It is not your fault and no different from any other chronic illness like high blood pressure or diabetes. You just have to control it with medications and when it is controlled you are just like anyone else. You dont have to tell anyone until you feel comfortable telling them. You family loves you and this should be viewed as no different than any other chronic illness. This is your chance to educate people that even though you have this diagnosis, you are no different from anyone else-you just need to take medication to control it. If people cant handle it, it is their shame, not yours!

dagman 14 Mar 2013

oh.dzoo.u make me happy i really appreciate ur comment.its did take years that i keep it in my heart.couse thats make me afraid couse my husband dont treat me like a normal person.he do let me remember always that i have that sickness and that im not a normal person.but i try my best.i got my job more fren than ever im very satisfied to have work.only this shamed to tell.but now u gave me strength to face it to saiy to them.thxn my god bless u always. free discount card

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