I have had Trichotillomania since I have been 8 years old. Then about when I turned 15, I got diagnosed with Bipolar I Disorder. I have been to a psychiatrist for years and recieved medication, but I just get progressively worse each year. The first 3 years, I have had nothing but depressive episodes. The past 2 years, I have had nothing but manic episodes. Most recently, I have been having pychotic episodes for months at a time, but I haven't had any trouble with my mood for quite some time now. Or at least that I'm aware of. My manic episodes consist of inability to sleep, racing thoughts, inability to concentrate, massive anger, increased sexuality, money spending problems, feeling like I'm invinsible, etc. My psychotic episodes consist of not being able to grasp the concept of time, skin feeling like its on fire, feeling of "seperation" of the body or "outer body experience", feeling and hearing things suggesting someone is trying to break into my apartment and kill me, delusion that my boyfriend is cheating on me without absolutely no proof or reason to justify it, becoming obsessed with a tv show character, wanting to become them, unable to tell whether something actually happened(someone laughing, saying something, etc), hearing my name, and most scary of all, seeing that little girl from the movie "The Ring". She has haunted me since I've been about 14. I know there's more that is going on, but I wouldn't be typing for a long time. Please help me, does this sound like Schizoaffective Disorder?