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What schedule is Contrave?

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kaismama 16 Sep 2014

First, don't fall for this medication. All it is is another attempt by the drug companies to make alot of money on old drugs. It is a combination of wellbutrin and naltrexone. Wellbutrin has been used for weight loss and depression for ages. Naltrexone has a side effect of anorexia. My point being, if it costs more then 75 then you're paying more then you need to for these drugs. Unless the want the convenience of only taking one pill, not two. Neither drug in it is a schedule anything.

K_Boud 23 Nov 2017

Where can I find documentation of the schedule of drug Contrave belongs to? I have checked FDA and DEA but I must be looking in the wrong place. I also checked the info on Contrave website... nothing. Thanks free discount card

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