... detox chart on this site. Pretty cool place to find the tools one needs to get better!
Robert, I went down to 0 mg last year trying to get off these &%# pills only to break down on the 48th hr. lying in my bed tossing and twisting thinking that if I don't take these pills then I won't be able to love my girlfriend and her children. I jump off the bed and grab a 2 mg. pill and ate it ! And here I am one year later thinking the same thoughts. I began my relationship with subutex 3 plus years ago and it is roven into my relationship with my family which began at the same time. I've used Subutex into smoothing out things i couldn't cope with when I was straight. If you take away the TEX , then I'm back to where I was before with all the same doubts and insecurities. I'm going to be in a great fight with all my drug demons when this detox begins but what I'm really worried about is what happens after the battle is over and I have to face reality and all my sober demons come back to life? I know I can beat the detox battle but what happens after the battle and the war begins? I haven't found a web site that can help with what really needs to work. Living clean and happy!