I'm 21 and on the pill. This is the only form of birth control we use has we can't use condoms. I take the pill everytime. It's nearly always in the morning but someone's in the afternoon. I don't miss it tho. I do skip the sugar pills a lot and only take them maybe once every four months. I'm really afraid of getting pregnant. I love kids and my goal in life is to be a mother. But being so young my bf and I don't want kids yet. We want to be married and have a home together first. I have googled why I'm afraid and it's saying that it's due to anxiety. Which could be possible as it runs in the family. But how do I bring this up with my mum? I have been having dreams the last two nights about being pregnant and taking pregnancy tests. I have taken many in my sexual active life.
Also I feel the egg sometimes moving down my tubes. I know that when your on the pill your not meant to ovulate. But my doctors told me sometimes you do.
I don't know what to do.