I started my birth control this month and I missed two pills in the first week, took two the next day and same for the day after. I was sexually active that second day but used a condom. I think it was good but I'm still paranoid. that day I filled up a whole tampon and then after that I've just been spotting for two weeks. I'm on my placebo week now, but according to my period( not by the pack) I'm not due for another week since I started taking the pills the first day of my period. but if I finish the placebos and I don't get my period will it not come if I start the active pills? would I still be breakthrough bleeding if I was in fact pregnant? plus my cycle is usually 32 days I had sex on the 11th day (after having missed but made up the two pills) but I don't think I was ovulating, unless missing two pills releases the egg???