July 23th was the last day of my period and I also had sex, we did it for hours, but he would pull out every time, just to be safe though we went and got Plan-B one step. I took it that same day right after buying it. When I got home I fell asleep and didn't experience any nausea, or symptoms. Until July 28th I started getting cramps and bleeding. This went on for about 6 days. That's usually how long my period is, but I'm confused was it my period? Because it came really early about 2-3 weeks early. I was supposed to get my period again August 23/24 but I missed it. I haven't gotten my period. It's the 29th now. What's going on is it Plan-B making an effect on my period, or could I be pregnant? I also have sore breasts but I usually get sore breasts before my period but then again my period isn't here yet. I'm worried. Please answer.