et me explain the circumstances, I deeply regret what i did now
but the major points are
-he used a condom THE WHOLE TIME
-he did not *** in the condom at all
- i take birth control but i also take topamax my doctor told me that topamax can make birth control less effective
- we only had sex for approximately 5 minutes at most since it was my first time

I’m so scared i could be pregnant now from this i got my period atleast i think unless it’s implantion bleeding in which we had sex on thursday september 21st we used a condom and i take birth control but i also take topamax which my doctor told me lowers the effectiveness of my birth control. i’m so scared i know now that i wasn’t ready to have sex and i regret it, but my period isn’t acting normal and i don’t know if it’s due to stress or not i’ve had cramps and normal pms symptoms (i’ve been stressing about being pregnant ever since it happened which made me realize now i shouldn’t have done it so please don’t lecture me) but my period started off brown and now it’s bright red blood with some clots but i’m still paranoid and don’t know what to do