Hi all! I am very sorry if this turns out to be too long! I really appreciate if you take your time to read it and respond. I have juvenile chronic arthritis but only in my left knee. It started when I was 8 years old but no doctor was able to give me a proper diagnosis, the pain was unbearable but no doctor gave me any specific treatment because they were not able to find the source of the problem. After almost 2 years the arthritis went away on its own without any medication. I am now 19 and the arthritis came back, and I guess that since I am a little older it was easier to diagnose. I have almost 1 year and I have been under 3 different treatments and although they worked for my arthritis I was not able to manage the side effects. The first treatment was prednisone and although the physical side effects were bearable and my knee was almost perfect it caused me terrible mood swings and the depression was really worrying, I really felt miserable. My doctor told me to start planequil and quit the prednisone. With the planequil after almost a month the nauseas became terrible I was not able to eat anything and even when I tried I ended up vomiting. The fatigue was very strong too. I ended up at the hospital twice for severe dehydration. Again, my doctor changed my medication to sulfasalazine and I reacted with the same side effects of the planequil. (When I stopped the medications the side effects went away after a few days). my doctor is suggesting me to try methotrexate 10mg weekly. The reason of my fear to all these types of medication and its side effects is because all my family including my parents and brothers live in a different country, I have no roommates, I live here on my own and I am a full time student and I have a part time job. If I get sick or feel sick I have to deal with it on my own without any further support than skype and phone calls from my family back home. Because of this I am very scared of trying this medication since the side effects I have been reading seemed very worrying. Sorry for any grammar mistakes

I really appreciate if you read the entire story, I look forward to your answer!

Thank you! :)