I lost my virginity a few days ago, I'm a male. The first time we tried there was no condom, but no penetration, for my own peace of mind she took a plan B pill.
I few days later we tried again with a condom, a little bit in the condom fell off and we went that way for a minute (literally long enough to penetrate and go before realizing it wasn't there) before noticing and replacing the condom with a new one, I pulled out still with a condom and she again took a plan b pill. Yesterday my anxiety was so bad that I the male was literally making myself sick. Terrified that she was going to be pregnant. Last night we had sex again, same deal. Condom fell off and didn't notice but replaced it when we realized. I didn't ejaculate yesterday, and there was no plan B.
I've been reading on here some people asking the same types of questions, I'm just so scared that because of the 2 incidents where there was no comdom, even for the extremely small time that it was, that she might be pregnant.