... was being thrown around the room! I did feel dizzy before but thought that I wanted to fill a jar with paint remover. I am an artist. I remember pouring the paint thinner into the jar. The next thing I knew I was thrown against the wall I was not facing. Hard. Then I was thrown in another direction and my head hit a mirror on my bathroom wall. I was then thrown to the ground. Or floor in the bathroom. It felt like some kind of seizure but I remember it. Kind of? I was covered in paint thinner. My bathroom counter was also covered by the paint thinner. That was hardly the problem! I had to get to my bed. I could not leave it as was so I squatted-did not get up. Cleaned every thing up and eventually threw the towel outside and got to bed. Before I got to bed I noticed the picture on the bathroom wall was side ways? I apparently hit that picture with my head. I also hit my head against the mirror before being thrown to the ground. I was hardly myself-just used a towel and cleaned up best as I could. I was very wobbly and hardly conscious.I was barely there. It felt as though a 200 lb gorilla was in that room and was just literally throwing me from one side to the next. I do not remember losing consciousness. I was hardly fully awake though. In a very dizzy state. I have NEVER experienced anything like this. I am sore from all that banging around. Although I have found no lumps on my head. I don't know what hit where! I have tried to cal my MD. His telephone answering system is down. I am frightened. What was that? It was a seizure of some kind but not like one I have ever experienced before. This was extreme loss of motor control accompanied by violent movements completely out of my control. Has anyone experinced this. I awoke this A.M. feeling okay. I am afraid to get in the shower!