As I have aged my weight gain has caused progressive Orthopedic issues on my skeletal level. Arthritis is a constant diagnosis I hear whenever I see my orthopedic surgeon and that obesity is generally my cause for accelerated joint issues. My response is NO PAIN MEDS!!! Just let's get the weight off of me. So... Dr Faye Vargas-Morris MD (my true loving internal medical doctor ) prescribed this to me to also help eliminate my "pre" diabetic A1C . Well my Medicare- insurance company denied the claim and "ReFUSED" me the treatment for my obesity. WHATVIF ANYTHING CAN SOMEONE RECOMMEND TO HELP ME !!! I was told to someday GET prepared for not 1 but both knee surgeries. Wouldn't weight loss (SAXENDA) be less COSTLY to everyone than undetermined surgeries and ALL THE PAIN MEDS that follow??? Really look at me INSURANCE SCIENTISTS I stay active and want to stay active but MY KNEES SAY NO!! Will someone please hear me !!! I am making a logical exclamation