I have been on Savella for 4 months @ 75-100mg /day. Been a wonder drug for my fibro. But it's to the point, I can't take the constant increase heart rate & strong palpatations.I've tried breaking the dosage into 3 times per day to maybe slow down the heart rate, but then it's like the med doesn't work nearly as well. I hate these side effects==this has been the best RX for my fibro I've tried yet. But how long can a heart keep up these high rates, usually 110 and up, last night was at ER, after being sent by my PCP, because my BP was 141/101 and HR was 135. Had been at 120 and over for 2 days. ER doc stated not a good idea to take a Beta Blocker to lower heart rate being caused by side effects of another Med.? Is he right? Please help if you have any experience with this, thanks:) P>S> This is RESTING BP AND HEART RATES> LIKE STRAIGHT OUT OF LYING REST???