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Will savella ease my fibro pain?

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DzooBaby 28 Oct 2013

It can for some people. I tried it and unfortunately couldnt take it but many people have had good success with it.

sara12345 28 Oct 2013

Try looking up readers' reviews of Savella on Many said that it took away their fibro completely. You will just have to try it. I couldn't take the side effects, but others did not complain about it. Everyone is different.

bruthd 1 Nov 2013

All I can say is that Savella (as well as Cymbalta) did take away my fibro pain. That part was wonderful. HOWEVER, it had horrible side effects. I had suicidal ideations, felt completely crazy, personality changed, had awful intestinal issues and itched everywhere. Even with all of that I kept thinking maybe I could get over the side effects because it was so great to have no fibro pain after 25 years. The side effects were too much because I lost who I was so I stopped. I now am taking 25 mg of Lyrica which helps somewhat but has not messed with my head. If you have the start up pack of Savella consider not going as quickly as it recommends to increase the dose. Many have said it was too fast, it was for me. Good luck. Bruthd

slharper1 30 Nov 2013

How bad did your intestinal issues get. I am having problems with this.

bruthd 30 Nov 2013

It was awful. Constant diarrhea. Hardly ate because of the gastrointestinal problems. Lost weight which wasn't too bad but an dreadful way to lose it. This was barely listed in side effects. Also the itching was
terrible. My advice is if you're having side effects they will likely not go away. Good luck. Only a small of Lyrica is helping me somewhat. free discount card

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